Tooling & Accessories

TCT Flute 10 Deg. Overlay

For countertop edge trimming.

Cutter Length: 25mm


TCT Flute Trimmer

For the initial trimming of the worktop surface.

Cutter Length: 25mm

TCT Flute Trimmer

The small diameter cutter is designed for light use (laminate) and runs-off the inner side of the core material.

Cutter Length: 25mm

Diamond Tooling Set

Consists of;

  1. 10 degree #60 diamond sleeve.
  2. 10 degree #200 diamond sleeve.
  3. 45 degree #200 diamond sleeve.
  4. Tool holder M14.
  5. 25mm & 28mm nylon bearings.
  6. Locknut

Applicator Gun

Seam sealer applicator gun for 200ml cartridge.

Surface Bonder

Fabrications of laminations and seams for quartz, natural stone, and solid surfaces.

Maroon Pad

3m Maroon Pad 7447

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